Thursday, February 5, 2009

BBD #16 Roundup

I received 47 entries for January's Bread Baking Daily challenge. I drooled for days over the entries and really wish there was a way to have people submit a sample.

This is too many for one post so I will be posting them in 4 batches. Each new batch will have a link in this post so they are easier to find. I am working 60 hour weeks currently so it may take me a couple days to get everyone up.

Host of BBD #17 will be Lien of Notitie van Lien. Her theme is Bread and Potatoes, and may I say she has a very convincing argument for why this is good.

Entries 1 thru 10

Entries 11 thru 20

Entries 21 thru 30

Entries 31 thru 40

Entries 41 thru 48.

That's all of them. I want to thank everyone for their patience, I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed seeing what everyone did. If you have the time (and an Idea) I recommend hosting a month.


Andrea said...

What a great roundup! I'm feeling very inspired!

Yasmeen said...

thanks for the cheesy round up:)

Dulmina said...

Thank you for the well-chosen topic and the fantastic roundup. It was great to participate, and I've found some new recipes and ideas to try.

Anonymous said...

What a great round-up. Many thanks for hosting!

Cindystar said...

What a really great great round up!
So many entries and all look so gorgeous...congratulations, it will take some time to read and decide what to try first!
See everybody next time with bread and potatoes!

Susan/Wild Yeast said...

Thanks for a wonderful BBD! This was a great theme and I'm really going to Enjoy making the rounds of all the breads.