Saturday, February 7, 2009

BBD #16 roundup 31 thru 40

Glenda of Domesticated Engineer made Cottage Cheese Bread. The name is a little deceptive, while there is cottage cheese there is also cheddar in this bread. The cottage cheese makes hthis bread soft and moist, who can argue with results like that?

Gine of i dolci fanno felici made Pane alla ricotta. A little left over ricotta can do great things for bread.

Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen made Cheddar Cheese and Onion Pretzel Bread. This is not your ordinary little pretzel, this is an entire loaf of bread twisted into shape.

Tommi of Brown Interior made Méteils au Bleu. Apparently Blue Cheese and Rye is a good combination. It certainly looks good.

Cristie of Edible Antics - Having Fun With Food made Cheese, beer and cranberries - 3 gourmet foods baked into 1 muffin. For a quick cheese bread this is definitly the way to go. As she says no yeast to coddle or leavening times to endure.

Lorraine of Not Quite Nigella made Maple, Walnut and Cheese bread. This bread wa so good 1/3rd of the loaf was gone before she noticed, I am not sure I could have stopped there.

Judy of Judy's Gross Eats made Casatiello. Little flecks of bacon take this bread over the top i can just imagine how good it must be toasted with eggs in the morning.

Sunita of Sunita's world made Cheesy, rye and tomato bread. An assortment of seeds and chillis sprinkled on top give this hearty bread a bit of bite.

Jude of Apple Pie, Patis, and Pâté made Ensaimada - Filipino Cheese Brioche. The snail like shape of these brioche rolls hides a cheesy Edam center or as she says in her blog... queso de bola, bowling balls of cheesiness covered in a protective shell of red wax.

Priyasuresh of Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes made Cheese Oatmeal Bread. Oatmeal, olive oil and egg replacer make this a heart healthy bread. Also very tasty and great with any spread according to Priya.


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Thanks so much for hosting this event! :) What a delicious range of breads!

Aparna said...

I just finished looking through all the 4 pages os of the round-up. There's a fantastic array of breads.
Thanks for hosting this edition of BBD.

scraps said...

Again, thanks for hosting! All of the cheese breads look so delicious, can't wait to try a few of the recipes!