Saturday, February 7, 2009

BBD #16 roundup 41 thru 48

Susan of Wild Yeast made Gorgonzola Fougasse With Figs and Pecans. Finally someone has explained what is up with this funny looking bread, More Crust! definitly a rational I can get behind. The figs and pecans don't hurt either.

Natasha of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies made Rye Fougasse with Two Cheese Fillings. I love the laddered look of this bread.

Tanna of MyKitchenInHalfCups made Maytag Blue Buns. These pretty rose shaped buns come with a great soup recipe.

Mary of One Perfect Bite made Muenster Cheese Bread. With the pretty crust on this bread I really don't care what it tastes like I am sure I would still love it. Fortunately for me Mary says this bread is even tastier then it looks.

Lien of Notitie van Lien made Rosemary-Asiago Bread. I love the chuncks of cheese in the finished bread, The little sprigs of rosemary on top though are what really made it thogh. I only wish I could have smelled it too.

Asha of Aroma! made Spinach and Feta cheese Bread. Spinach and Feta are one of my favorite combinatioons. I am not sure I could have made my self share this with a neighbor like she did.

Dhita of Cooking Etcetera made Crusty Loaf with Gruyere Cheese. Dhita made the cheese bread that started this whole thing. With another rave review I am going to have to make these myself soon.

Temperance of High on the Hog made Crusty Cheese Bread or Gannat. This is my entry. I love the way it toasted up for my favorite grilled cheese recipe. Crisp crust and soft interior, perfect!

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Zabeena said...

Oh my goodness! What a choice! What talent!Thank you so much, Temperance, for hosting this! I am sooo hungry now! Hungry and inspired!!