Saturday, February 7, 2009

BBD #16 roundup 11 thru 20

IDania of El aroma de IDania made Cheese Espiga. I love the way this loaf looks, like it is just waiting for you to tear a chunk off.

Chaosqueen of Chaosqueen's Kitchen made Tomato and mozzarella crown loaf. This is almost pizza like, but not quite. Either way who could say no to this georgeous loaf?

Zainab of Arabic Bites made Kobzat al feta wal basal (Feta stuffed bread. Two types of cheese go into these flat breads, I love the little brown edges on these.

Siri of Siri's Corner made Cheddar Cheese Bread. This is a simple bread that is great for anytime with anything as she says in her blog. Personaly I think her suggestion of olive oil and garlic sound wonderful.

Vanesuky of Vanesuky entre Fogones made Pande queso y nueces. This is the first time she has made bread. The results look great!

Cinzia of Cindystar made Cheese and Pear Buns. She says in Italy we say: "...don't ever tell the farmer how good is cheese with pear!" I can certainly see the logic in that, I am thinking when pears come back in season i am going to have to try this.

Cinzia of i dolci di bice made bread with cheese and sour cherries. These little breakfast buns sound great! I would never have thought of combining cherries and cheese in a bread.

Dulmina of 'Dulmina tündérkonyhája' ('Dulmina's Fairy Kitchen') made Pizza with Sunchokes and Smoked Cheese. This has got to be one of the prettiest pizzas I have ever seen! I bet it tasted even better then it looks.

Madam Chow of Madam Chow's Kitchen made French Asiago Bubble Bread. A minor mishap didn't stop this bread from being delectable.

Natalia of gatti fili e farina made Pane all'aceto balsamico e parmigiano reggiano. Balsamic Vinegar makes this bread tangy and the swirl of cheese makes it even nicer.

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Madam Chow said...

Thank you so much for hosting this. It takes a lot of effort to get all of these up!