Saturday, May 31, 2008


I have been seeing all these pictures of Clafouti when browsing food blogs (and how unfair is that they not only create beautiful food but take gorgeous pictures of it as well?). It looked nummy and easy to make. SO i tried.

I figured you couldn't go wrong with Julia Child so that is the recipe I used. First disappointment was that it was not scaled to individual portions but for 6 to 8 people. But I can go with the flow. When I made it the batter looked a little thin but since I wasn't sure exactly what the end product was suppose to be like I decided not to worry.

I was disappointed, I had expected a texture like either a souffle or a pancake. Instead it was much closer to scrambled eggs. Another disappointment was I didn't get a pretty brown top. The taste wasn't bad though just a bit of a let down from my high expectations.

It does have promise though, maybe next time I will beat the egg whites separately to help with the texture and sprinkle sugar on top to brown.

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