Thursday, May 29, 2008


I came to the realization this weekend that I don't have a blog and a place to stash recipes, I have two blogs. Let me tell you that came as a shock. I am not sure I am ready for two blogs. I have enough trouble keeping up with one. But while I don't mind talking about food and showing pictures of food on my regular blog I do object to putting recipes in my regular blog, they are too long and require to much thought, and thinking is hard! Sooo, here I am with two blogs. (And this one needs prettied up, cause if this is going to be a real blog I want it to be SPIFFY!

Now For Chocolate!

Nestle's Chunky with Peanuts and Raisins. And let me tell you when they said Chunky they meant it. It also said Milk chocolate and I am not so sure about that. I thought it had a strong coffee after taste and Indra thought it tasted like Kahlua. Don't get me wrong we both thought it was good, just not what we were expecting. Two problems the chunks were so big it took a knife to break them apart and unlike MMs they did indeed melt in your hand and yet were too big to comfortably pop in your mouth.

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Nanc Twop said...

Don't feel bad... veering off-topic happens to the best of us.

Just go with the flow,... and only eat 'Chunky's if you have very strong teeth