Thursday, January 1, 2009

R2R, Appetizers

Ok I was one of the hosts, and I was bad, I made one not two of the choices. I tried to make all three, that has to count for something right? Check out all three recipes on the Recipes to Rival Blog.

Lets start with my failures, Two pears sit in my fridge just waiting for toast and cheese, the grocery store and my procrastination did not come thru. Darn that bleu cheese! There is still hope though I have the pears after all.

I will admit I was looking forward to making the Oysters en Brochette. I wanted to, had the oysters all bought, all set to go and then I opened the package and smelled them. Couldn't touch them after that. When I was growing up I had exactly 1 oyster a yr, my father made me eat one in the oyster soup he made for Xmas, never could stand the things (loved the rest of the soup) I guess that has carried over. and I was really looking forward to them. :(

The Gruyère Cheese Gougères on the other hand were a raving success. If I had a stand mixer I would always have some of these. The Gruyère would be perfect with wine or fruit and I made a few with cheddar (Middle American here) and you know they were good too. I ate them fresh, ate them with soup, I ate them while I wrapped presents. The whole time I kept thinking these would be good stuffed with something, but they never seemed to last long enough for that to happen.


Madam Chow said...

Oh, they look soooo good. I'm going to get one R2R post up later today (I hope), but I'll have both appetizers up by tomorrow. Thanks for being flexible with the posting date this month!

Debyi said...

Your gougeres look great! You know, the crostini would be really good with cheddar cheese, as well as brie.

Lori said...

You havent post for a month and then you put three posts in one day on. You crack me up girl!

I am not that crazy about oysters but it does warrant further investigation in the future.

THe cheese puffs were amazing.

And so was the crostini!

Temperance said...

I've been saving them up :) In between the holidays, and setting up the new computer I haven't had alot of time, I had today off work so decided to take advantage. I have three more posts waiting for their turn this next week.

kat said...

They were a big success at my house too & the crostini were wonderful!

JMom said...

I love your photos! They look so dramatic :)

Sorry to hear about your oysters. I love oysters and was really tempted to try some raw. But I bought the canned stuff so I was too scared to take the chance. Fried up with bacon though, they were delicious!