Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bread Baking Day #16: Bread with Cheese

I feel very lucky to be the first host of the new year. I wish I was as eloquent as some of the past host in expressing my gratitude to Zorra founder of Bread Baking Daily for selecting me. I grew up baking bread of all description, I even baked bread while in the dorms at college (the air conditioning made that a real challenge) once I got out into the real world I suddenly found I lacked the time to make my own bread. When I started food blogging I searched for some challenges to keep me motivated. Zorra's Bread Baking Daily challenge was perfect and I have slowly started not only baking bread again but baking new breads. Thank you Zorra and all the other hosts.

Annarasa closed out the year with festive breads, which was a perfect choice. Apparently I am not the only one to think so. Check out the roundup here, here and here.

As far as I am concerned you don't need much more for a good meal then some fresh bread good cheese and some fruit. The combination of bread and cheese is a classic, what child doesn't love grilled cheese sandwiches or pizza? I was inspired by this recipe from King Arthur Flour for Gruyere Stuffed Crusty Loaves and a picture on Food Gawker. Who could resist that lovely molten cheese oozing from a bread volcano.

Any recipe you choose is fine as long as it incorporate cheese as a major flavor. Want to bake the bread and add the cheese later? Go ahead, I have nothing against grilled cheese sandwiches or quesidillas. After you post your cheese with bread baking experience on your blog, send your entry to me, at Tblackthorne AT gmail DOT com, with the following information:
Subject line of the email should begin with BBD16.
  1. Kindly include in English the following details:Your name, Your location, Your website’s name, your bread’s name and URL of the posting the bread(s) you chose to make

  2. Finally, attach a photo of your creation, size does not matter I will resize as needed (bigger is better).

  3. If your blog is not in English, then please send me a translation of your post in English or create the BBD post on your blog in English.

  4. If you do not have a blog but would like to be a part of this event, please send me your recipe and write-up (with picture, if possible) and I will include it in the round-up.

The deadline is the 1st of Febuary and I should have the roundup posted by the 5th.


Anonymous said...

I can get down with cheesed bread. I can get down.

Anonymous said...

I marvel at the possibilities: two of my favorite foods, bread and cheese!

AJ said...

Great choice. Count me in!


Anonymous said...

Now that Gruyere Crusty Loaf looks soooo divine. I would try baking it, definitely looks yummy, you're so right..... Thanks for the link. Looking fwd to participate :D

NKP said...

Bread + Cheese = a match made in heaven!
Great choice!

FH said...

I emailed you my bread with cheese. Here is the link if missed! :))


Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a bread baker, but my family does love cheese. So I'll be joining you in this one. Thanks.

Engineer Baker said...

Oh, I am totally there. After missing the last couple BBD's, cheese definitely draws me back in.

Cindystar said...

Sure I will not miss it!
Good kneading to everybody!

Anonymous said...

Just submitted my entry. Thanks for the great theme :)

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Lovely theme. I just sent you my entry. Thanks.

Mary said...

Hi , i just e mailed you my entry and have in my blog every done and posted , thanyou so much!

GStaples said...

Haven't made cheese breads before and have had fun making them this month. Hard to choose which to send, but I finally decided. And so the entry has been sent.
Thanks again for doing this month.

DK said...

sent an entry just now. Thanks for this great theme :)

Anonymous said...

Just sent my submission in. Great theme! Loved the bread I made. Definitely a keeper!! Looking forward to the round up.

Anonymous said...

Just sent in my entry. Thanks for hosting.

Vanesuky said...

It's delicious! I said. Now send you the bread that I have done.

Thank you!

Arabic Bites said...

Just sent you my entry. Thanks for hosting.

Anonymous said...

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